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StorDigital SD7DVD NetBurner

StorDigital SD7DVD NetBurner
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Brand: StorDigital Systems
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Our Price:  649.20 (541.00 exc. vat)

Featuring 7 high speed DVD burners, the NetBurner from StorDigital offers users the opportunity to access their duplicator over a local network. Via network attachment multiple clients can copy pre-compiled disc images from their client PCs directly to the NetBurner.

Featuring the latest high speed Sony DVD burners, StorDigital NetBurner standalone DVD/CD duplicators offer unsurpassed quality and service. Built to the highest standard using high speed DVD burners and industry leading components the NetBurner is the perfect tool for producing large volumes of perfect CD and DVD copies. Featuring the latest high speed DVD and CD recorders, 256MB on board memory, and the option of high capacity hard drive and USB PC connection, no other duplicator comes close to the NetBurner.

Whatsmore, the NetBurner looks great too. The sleek, light weight aluminium design houses the most advanced and usable duplication technology available. The easy to use interface offer many functions not available on competitive systems, including AutoCopy, Load and Copy, Account Management, Hard Drive Partition Naming, and much much more.

The attractive brushed alluminium case (it's not painted - it has a bare metal finish) is not just cosmetic, it is feature packed too. Through advanced engineering of the chasis and the tray flipper the StorDigital NetBurner is able to reduce the potential for damage from dust and heat. By preventing environment damage you can be assured that your StorDigital NetBurner DVD CD duplicator will offer you reliable service for an extended period of time.

One of the most attractive features of the NetBurner is the "Flip Front". See the animation for a demonstration of the NetBurners remarkable tray loading feature. The StorDigital NetBurner really is an amazing DVD and CD duplicator that is ideally suited to a professional environment where strong and reliable performance is required.

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