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StorDigital SafeTower 11 Drive DVD CD Copier with DVD Video Copy

StorDigital SafeTower 11 Drive DVD CD Copier with DVD Video Copy Protection
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Brand: StorDigital Systems
Model: SD11DVDST
Stock: 22

Our Price:  652.99 (544.16 exc. vat)

StorDigital "SafeTower" is an easy to use standalone tower DVD and CD duplicator enhanced with an effective DVD video copy protection system. It uses a combination of hardware and Copy Protection Software (CPS) technology to embed copy protection directly onto the DVD video master disc. This master disc can then only be copied via a CPS-enabled duplicator, ensuring effective protection against both duplication and ripping.

Offering advanced level protection of DVD video discs, this new solution from StorDigital represents a turning point for in-house DVD duplication. For many, the opportunity to protect content from piracy has been seen as the "Holy Grail in securing revenues from content generation where the adage Content is King has never rung more true.

The StorDigital "SafeTower" offers in-house publishers the most effective copy protection yet, with ease of use and the bonus of a low cost per protected title. Unlike other less effective tower duplicator solutions, the StorDigital "SafeTower" system uses Copy Protection Software (CPS) to offer the user an enhanced level of protection from both copying and ripping whilst not effecting DVD video playback.

Operation could not be simpler! With the use of a PC, owner/operators use the supplied software to activate a copy protection component that is embedded within the master disc. Discs copied from the master via the new system will include the embedded copy protection component, meaning that illegal duplication of data is hindered, helping to protect both content and revenues.

The StorDigital SafeTower offers these new advanced features:

  • DVD Video Copy Protection
  • USB Copy Connect to host PC
  • 250GB Hard Disk Drive
  • Hard Disk Drive Partition Naming
  • User Accounts
  • 256MB Buffer Memory
  • Auto-Counter Technology
  • Load And Copy

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