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StorDigital 32X 99min Shiny Silver CDR (Pack of 100)

StorDigital 32X 99min Shiny Silver CDR (Pack of 100)
Brand: StorDigital Systems
Model: SDCD99SS
Stock: out of stock

Our Price:  16.80  (14.00 exc. vat)

These high quality 99min CD-R discs from StorDigital offer the highest level of recording and playback compatability. StorDigital recordable media is produced to the highest standard and offers unbeatable value. Ideal for use with home CD burners or professional duplicators alike. Customers should be aware that not all CD DVD burners support 99 min discs, however in some cases a firmware update from the manufacturer may enable this function. Click the image to see the top side and underside of these discs. If you need to make a bulk order then please contact us on 020 8293 0777 or email

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