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DupaLIVE - Intelligent Duplication Tower

DupaLIVE -  Intelligent Duplication Tower
Brand: StorDigital Systems
Stock: 4
Our Price:  1251.13  (1042.61 exc. vat)

DupaLIVE is a new PC enabled tower duplicator for copying USB and Optical discs and controlling disc printing via inkjet or LightScribe technology. The new duplication towers represent a turning point in duplication technology and opens the widow to a whole new market for StorDigital. By offering PC enabled tower duplicators StorDigital are effectively opening the doors to a host of applications for a duplication tower. With a DupaLIVE, PC enabled duplication tower, users can get access to a host of functions including, live recording, disc mastering, and direct to disc printing via LightScribe and inkjet. The new ""Live"" systems will allow the owner operator to access and use modular diusc publishing devices offered within the StorDigital range without having to own an additional PC. The DupaLIVE range brings further advantages to consumers. Many duplication system operators are in the business of live duplication, conference recording or faith based productions. Live events require speed and efficiency in order to get the product into people hands in the fastest possible time. LIVE Duper offers the user the chance to do real time digital recording and CD, DVD. Blu-Ray & USB mastering in one self contained unit. No more is there a requirement for and additional CD recorder of hard disk recorder. DupaLIVE operators have an all in one easy top use solution in a single box. DupaLIVE is a powerful PC workstation coming pre installed with Windows XP hosting a powerful suite of applications, supporting the printing of LightScribe discs, inkjet discs, audio recording and editing and video encoding.

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Optional LCD monitor:
 19" LCD Monitor (+89.00)
Optional USB Mouse & Keyboard:
 Generic USB Mouse & Keyboard (+30.00)